Daily Current Affairs Quiz 26th March 2018

1. Which day is celebrated worldwide on 25th March?

A.World Water Day

B. World Forest Day

C. World Earth Day

D. International Day of Remembrance of the Virus of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Answer: D


2. Recently 8th Edition of Theatre Olympics has been started in which city?

A. Bengaluru

B. Pune

C. Mumbai

D. Goa

Answer: C 


3. Which state is on first rank in terms of number of beggars as per the dta released by Union Government?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Bihar

C. West Bengal

D. Odisha

Answer: C


4. From which date UIDAI is going to introduce face authentication feature from?

A. 01 July 2018

B. 15th August 2018

C. 26th November 2018

D. 21st June 2018

Answer: A


5. Who has been nominated as India’s representative to the Executive Board (EXB) of UNESCO?

A. J S Rajput

B. Syed Akbaruddin

C. Vikas Swarup

D. Nirupam Sen

Answer: A

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