Glance News 5th Feb 2018



Maharashtra to become first state to have Transgender Welfare Board

The long pending Transgender Welfare Board (TWB) will finally see light of the day with the Maharashtra government making a provision of Rs 5 crore for welfare of the community.

  • Minister of State for Social Justice Dilip Kamble told that the Board will be set up in a month’s time.
  • It will look after education, employment, housing, and health schemes for transgenders and protect their Constitutional and human rights.
  • Maharashtra will be the first such state to have such a Board, the minister said.

India’s biggest floating island released in Neknampur lake

On the occasion of World Wetland Day, city-based NGO Dhruvansh has introduced biggest floating island of India at Neknampur Lake, Hyderabad.

  • The duo of Dhruvansh NGO, Madhulika and Neeraj Singh started Neknampur restoration programme in June 2016 adopting various cost effective methodologies to clean the lake.
  • After successful introduction of 10×10 feet floating islands last year, the NGO introduced 2,500 square feet floating island with 3,500 wetland plants floating on this platform.

First defence industrial corridor between Chennai, Bengaluru

The first of the two defence industrial production corridors, as announced in the Union Budget, will link Chennai and Bengaluru.

  • In his budget address, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government will develop two defence industrial production corridors.
  • Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the first corridor will link Chennai and Bengaluru and will pass through Coimbatore and several other industrial clusters.

India’s Super Computer Could Aid In Doubling Farmers’ Income

The Union Budget saw much emphasis on doubling of farmers’ income and accurate weather forecasts will play a major part in it.

  • What could contribute to the doubling of farmers’ income is India’s most powerful Cray Super Computer – MIHIR – that will give more accurate weather forecasts.
  • Built at a cost of Rs. 450 crore, MIHIR is housed in a badminton court-sized room at India’s weather office near Delhi, and is capable of performing jobs equivalent to more than 2,500 high-end laptops, all working in tandem.
  • Dr Harsh Vardhan, Science Minister, says “MIHIR, named after the Sun God, will help in our weather forecasting capability and strength will increase tremendously and it will now become about eight petaflops.”
  • Dr Vardhan said India will now also be ranked 4th, after Japan, UK and the US for dedicated HPC resources for weather/climate community.

Mukesh Khanna Quits as Chief of Children’s Film Society

Actor Mukesh Khanna said he has resigned as the chairperson of the Children’s Film Society two months prior to the end of his term, alleging lack of support to take children’s films to theatres and inadequate funding for the institution.

  • His three-year term was scheduled to end in April.
  • The actor is known for his portrayal in popular TV serial Shaktimaan.
  • He made his debut on the small screen as Bhisham Pitamah in B R Chopra’s Mahabharat.

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